Range Recording Studios


“Very professional, cool and extremely dedicated to meeting our requests for the session. Thanks guys!” — Band: Erronious Krunk

“Been in quite a few studios in my time and yours is very well put together as far as atmosphere in my view.” — Erica Stivaletti

“Great experience. Talented and friendly staff…Would highly recommend.” — Mike Kozole, Musician

“Each breath of emotion and tonal nuance is captured—microphones to instruments, pro equipment, mastermind engineers, and rooms of acoustic heaven.  It is here that sound waves can reach their destiny—a space for the range of capabilities to be achieved.  It’s more than recording—it’s an experience.  A place that feels like home.” — Christie Lenee, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

“I’ve been recording various projects at Range for the past 3 years and I must say they’ve consistently impressed me with everything they provide. To put it simply, Range does it right!” — Clay Stiles, Producer & Bassist (Band: LP Stiles)

“The products I have produced with their help have been accounted outstanding, both in terms of music and graphics.  I recommend Range Recording Studios unreservedly and unqualifiedly.”— Marshall Portnoy (Cantor – Main Line Reform Temple)

“The staff is always great to work with and extremely knowledgeable & professional. They offer up advice about song structures, etc, but without being pushy. In the end, they realize it is the artists’ project and they have to be happy. I have been at other studios where the engineer will come off as very bossy and pushy and I just don’t get that vibe when I work at Range. Finally, while they are not a dedicated mastering house per se, my band [The Absolute Zeros] had our latest EP mastered at Range and were extremely happy with the results.” — Stephen La Monica, Bassist (Band: The Absolute Zeros)

“Working at Range took my music to the next level. Mainly because I no longer had to worry about the quality of my recordings…the folks at Range take care of that so that I can just worry about making the best records possible. There’s no substitute for professionals who know what they’re doing. I owe much of my recent success to the music that I’ve made there.” — Boy Wonder AKA Andre Coles

“Range Recording Studios is a great place to do business! Fun, laid back atmosphere with great gear, mics and rooms to record your music! With an awesome engineer and the support of studio staff, recording at Range is easy and has been a positive and inspiring experience for me! Living down the street from the studio makes it my second home…Thanks Range Recording Studios- you rock!” — Justin Monteleone, Guitarist (Band: Pawnshop Roses)

“Knowing that you have professionals working with you gives you confidence and the quality of that final package is amazing when all is said and done. I constantly get compliments on the improvements of my second album from the sound to the production. I definitely intend on recording my future albums with the team at Range.” — Andrea Nardello, Singer/Songwriter

“When I was searching for the right studio to do my recording at I didn’t expect to be driving from New York to Pennsylvania twice, but it happened because of a list of good traits in a studio called Range Recording Studios. — Mike Beeler AKA Mikey B.

“Range Recording Studios has technologically kept up with the changing times, we highly recommend their services. The kids tend to return on Thursday overwhelmed by their accomplishments of the day. This is where the magic starts to take hold, of being involved in the process, seeing the other bands finish their tunes, and accomplishing all they set out to do.”— Greg Wright & Chet Makowski (Summer Music Programs)

“We got a HUGE drum sound, and some really cool vocal effects (a bullet mic through a tube amp cranked up) which we are all really happy with.  We might use the tune for a myspace promo at some point, or keep it in the vault for the B-side TV/Film placement sleeper hit!  Thanks so much for all you guys have done for us!  We’ll stay in touch.  Take it easy fellas!” — Brooke Blaire (Band: East Hundred)

“Kickin’ Bear is well on it’s way to creating an album that we can be truly proud of. The studio fulfills the needs of the modern musician with their state of the art equipment and comfortable working environment. Thanks so much, we look forward to our next session.” — Rob Swift, Guitarist/Vocalist (Band: Kickin’ Bear)

“Recording at Range was a great experience. The staff was not only professional and accommodating, but also immensely talented. We had a strong feeling from the beginning that we were in good hands, and the final product absolutely reflected that. The warmth and creativity at Range creates the kind of atmosphere that musicians can only hope to be in when they record. It’s not easy to produce a reflection of your very best work, but we were able to do that at Range.” — Andrew Reich (Group: Mask & Wig)

“I cannot remember a more exciting nite of music ever for me. To watch that creative process by everyone in the room unfold was a great thrill. I can’t thank you all enough for the opportunity to be a part something like this.” — Jim Sharp, Musician

“We are really thankful for the work that you guys have put in for us, and we are happy with the product!” — Mitch Beer, Bassist (Band: BAM!)

“Range Studios is a great place to record! They are extremely professional and very understanding of a musicians needs.  The staff is attentive, friendly and very helpful. The best around!!” — Lisa Cavallaro, Singer/Songwriter

“Range is an excellent studio with friendly, professional personnel and
top of the line equipment. Range’s studio is definitely one of the
 premiere studios in the Philadelphia area, and we can’t wait to record there again in the near future!” — Band: Chicago Violin

“Great session – everyone was very helpful and explained everything thoroughly. Great prices for the 8-hour blocks and we hope to be back for future editing and design work.” — Band: Swift Technique

“This is the recording experience I’ve always deserved and never had…Totally top-shelf in every way.” — Kevin McQuiston, Musician (Band: Refurb)